We are happy to say that the autographed album goes to Paweł Pytko, who sent an extremely picturesque answer. The other two copies go to Victor Pastor and Daniel Laskowski.

We congratulate to all the winners. Thank you very much for all the answers.

Paweł Pytko’s answer:

I would like to hear Veriko Tchumburidze interpret the “Myths” Op. 30 by Karol Szymanowski. Why “Myths”? These three seemingly small pieces allow the violinist to show a whole range of his or her technique and masterful artistry. This impressionistic triptych requires not only virtuosity and excellent technique, although it is in vain to look here for breakneck passages, often resulting not so much in a spectacular, but rather a tacky impression. Instead, the violinist can show us this fantastic fairy-tale world described by the composer’s notes with his or her bow like a painter with a brush. A palette of moods, a palette of performing techniques, cantilenas and harmonics, a charming play on silence – all this in just several minutes. Finally, these pieces require a delicate, sensual dialogue between the violin and the accompanying piano. Therefore, they also show this very important feature of a mature musician – the ability to interact on stage. Sometimes very much at the fore, but sometimes also skilfully withdrawn and simply gently touching the bow. Why “Myths”? Because these pieces have been loved by the great and have been in the repertoire of the best violinists, but also pianists. For example, we remember the very inspired interpretation of “Myths” by Kaja Danczowska and Krystian Zimerman.

Why Veriko Tchumburidze? Because her performances have proven that it is her sensitivity that will allow her to paint these stories-images in a beautiful way; maybe we will discover in her interpretation something that has not been discovered so far? “Myths” were innovative; they fascinated and inspired great composers, e.g. Bartók, Prokofiev… Therefore, can there be a better choice for a representative violin piece of Central and Eastern Europe? Great Szymanowski in the interpretation of excellent Veriko Tchumburidze and …. ??

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