It has been the greatest discovery in the history of research on Polish culture for over a hundred years. In the summer of 2018, Professor Wiesław Wydra found a sixteenth-century print containing the entire Master Polycarp’s Conversation with Death – one of the most important works of the Polish Middle Ages, known so far only from an incomplete handwritten copy. Pieśni o śmierci (Songs about Death) is a unique show with the participation of Jan Frycz, Adam Struga and the ensemble Monodia Polska, developed thanks to the cooperation of a scientist and a group of musicians, during which we will hear previously unknown fragments of this medieval text.


based on found by prof. Wiesława Wydrę complete version of Master Polikarp’s Dialogue with Death

I. Master’s Dialogue with Death: Lord Christ Most Holy

II. Song of Death Horrible to All Folk, Now Composed Anew

III. Master’s Dialogue with Death: All Thy Talk, Master, Is in Vain

IV. O How Vain the Secular Joys

V. Master’s DIalogue with Death: Wouldst Thou Care to Taste

VI. Song for a Christian’s Funeral

VII. Master’s Dialogue with Death: I had a spiritual Kin

VIII. Song during a funeral: Media vita in morte sumus

IX. Conculusion: One Man Out of Piety


Jan Frycz – monodrama

Adam Strug

Monodia Polska


The Eufonie Festival is organized by the National Centre for Culture with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Patron of the EUFONIE Festival is PKN Orlen

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