Unpredictable and unbridled folk at its best. Polish music, its oldest monuments, such as the song Oj Chmielu, was presented by the Sokół Orchestra, while the Slovak PaCoRa Trio showed a repertoire created by the ensemble’s members, drawing on the folk tradition close to them.



PaCoRa Trio:

  1. Perplex
  2. The Bird
  3. I’d Like to Walk Arounf
  4. The Owl Went to Dance Club
  5. Growing Tree
  6. The Lake with Three Leaves
  7. Fresh
  8. Unknown
  9. Stare dievky (Stare panny)

Sokół Orchestra

Slavonica – the programme consists of original compositions as well as folk tunes arranged by the Orchestra members

The Eufonie Festival is organized by the National Centre for Culture with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Patron of the EUFONIE Festival is PKN Orlen

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